Policies (Expired)

All policies contained here are expired policies for 2015-2020. All up-to-date school policies can be found at:


Expired Policies:

Open Evening Information Leaflet (Expired)

Accessibility Policy (Expired)

Administration of Medicines (Expired)

Admissions 2019/2020 (Expired)

Admissions 2020-2021 (Expired)

Admissions Policy 2021-22 (Expired)

Sixth Form Admissions 18/19 (Expired)

Sixth Form Admissions 20/21 (Expired)

Exam Information

  1. 2.1   A guide to the awarding bodies’ appeals processes (Expired)
  2. 8.1   Information for candidates – controlled assessments (Expired)
  3. 8.2   Information for candidates – coursework (Expired)
  4. 8.7   Information for candidates – written examinations (Expired)
  5. Internal Appeals Procedure (Expired)


  1. Policy (Expired)
  2. Request For Leave of Absence Form (Expired)
  3. Guidance for Parents On Penalties (Expired)

Arrangements for Broadmoor Alarms (Expired)

Behaviour Policy (Expired)

COVID-19 Behaviour Policy Appendix Two (Expired)

Behaviour Principles (Expired)

Exclusions Policy (Expired)

Uniform Guidance (Expired)

KT Textiles School Uniform - Website (Expired)

Anti Bullying (Expired)

BYOD Responsible Use (Expired)

Careers Policy   (Expired)

Charging And Remission Policy - Nov 19  (Expired)

Child Protection & Safeguarding  (Expired)

Collective worship (Expired)

Complaints Procedure Nov 19  (Expired)

Crutches Policy/Consent Form (Expired)

Curriculum (Expired)

Designated Teacher for LAC Students (Expired)

Equalities Information (Expired)

Feedback (Expired)

Gifted and Talented (Expired)

Home School Agreement (Jan 2019 Update) (Expired)

Homework (Expired)

Information for External Exams (Expired)

Literacy and Numeracy Catch Up Premium (Expired)

Lockdown Policy (Expired)

Marking and Assessment (Expired)

Medical Conditions Policy (Expired)

Mental Health & Wellbeing (Expired)

Pupil Premium 2019/20 Statement (Expired)

Privacy Notice 2015 (Expired)

SEND Policy (Expired)

Sex and Relationship Education (Expired)

Sixth Form Entry Policy (Expired)

SMSC (Expired)

Fitness to Study (Expired)

STEM Policy (Expired)

Teaching and Learning (Expired)

Trips & Educational Visits (Expired)

Notice of Fair Processing of Personal Data

Layer 1 (Expired)

Layer 2 (Expired)

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